EPITS2019 provides an excellent opportunity for intellectual discourse on demonstration of advances and research results in the fields of Electronic Packaging Interconnect Technology. This conference brings together all academics, researchers, engineers and scientists around the world contributing to the global debate on Electronic Packaging Technology. Topics of interest or submission include, but are not limited to;

(1)  Challenges in improving the reliability of Tin (Sn) base Pb-free solder alloys.

(2)  Challenges in implementing the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

(3)  Emerging interconnect materials and technologies.

(4)  Non-solder interconnect materials at chip and package levels.

(5)  Fundamental materials behavior for electronic packaging materials.

(6)  Electromigration, thermomigration, stress-migration and mechanical effects.

(7)  Advanced characterization methods as applied to electronic packaging technology.

(8)  Whisker growth in tin, tin-based alloys and other metallic systems related to electronic packaging materials.

(9) Developments in high temperature Pb-free solders and associated interconnects for automotive and power electronics